"I am positively thrilled with my new Freeform direct lens technology, KM Explorer HD 1.67AR with KM300 TransitionsĀ® lenses from K-MARS. I can see near and far and in-between, for reading, driving and prolonged computer work. They are light, thin and glare-free. I love them. K-MARS workmanship is terrific. Thank you, Doctor, and Thanks, K-MARS. I have worn 'progressive' lenses for many years These are the best lenses I have ever had."

Submitted on behalf of Patient SLB by Melvyn L. Bernstein, M.D.

"Good Service, Good Quality and Great Prices"

Cecilia, Head Optician Dr.Barry Leonard Od

"We are really happy with the lab service and new updates made to the website."

Submitted by Vrezh - Optician Blue Eyes Optical

Free Form Progressive

    Welcome to K-MARS Optical


    Growing your Eye Care Practice business has never been easier. Our goal is to save you expenses while maintaining quality and performance satisfying your patients.


    Unique service


    K-Mars brings to the table a complete suite of services, placing the independent ECP head-to-head with the chain stores. It is about cost of frames, lenses and lab work, it's about logistic backbone and virtual inventory of frames and Lens packages saving the ECP tons of money. We have even invested in an ECP website and online retail solution setting up every ECP with a fully customized website and online eyewear outlet at a fraction of what it would normally cost.


    We care for independent eye care practitioners




    Frame and Lenses Packages - Your Virtual Inventory


    Sell more plus save on inventory and logistics!


    Harness our inventory, logistic system and lab service for your eye care practice business. With K-Mars Virtual Inventory you only order after a sale is made.




    - Large inventory of frames, lenses and accessories at no additional cost

    - Reduced investment in physical inventory of frames

    - Complete lab service included

    - Save shipping from frame suppliers and to the lab





    Affordable ECP website system with Online Eyewear Store


    Preconfigured to eye care practice needs & Online Eyewear Store



    - Additional revenue stream

    - Presentation of your eye care practice and achievements

    - Improved service to your patients


    Complementing the eyeglasses counter with an online store opens up channels to nationwide sales.


    Join the growing number of licensed ECPs dispensing eyeglasses online.





    Stock Lenses Edging Program


    Improve your eye care business with significantly lower price for stock lenses. While typical labs charge the same price for custom-produced or stock lenses, we charge for actual lens used, and use stock lenses when ever possible.


    The resulting savings are huge, making a real difference improving our client's business strength.